Project Information

  • Project name: IPAD (Information PAD)
  • Project date: November, 2005
  • Development duration : three months
  • Developers: Myoungsoo Jung (MJ), Kisuk Kim, Sangmin Lee, Taekyung Ko

Information PAD (IPAD)

Our Information PAD (IPAD) is a forerunner portable media player, which supports processing and managing images, and playing entertainment contents such as music, flash and digital movies as a standalone device. In addition, our IPAD offers a method to directly upload images that are processed in our embedded platform to the web blog through the wireless network. Our IPAD allows users to free from making a connection between their own device to PC or laptop at all. In this IPAD project, we also proposed and implemented the concept of modern smart phone using embedded linux and our own embedded applications at 2005, which is a pioneering concept developed about three ~ four years earlier than other commercial smart phones, tablets and even other mobile social network systems such as Facebook.

MJ was the project leader for this IPAD project, who proposed IPAD concept, designed overall IPAD architecture, and implemented its embedded database.

Main Features

  • File and media transmission without a host PC
  • Embedded image processing and publication of such images via web without PC connection
  • High-speed data movements between IPAD and PC through UMS technique
  • Embedded movie player are provided, which are aware of diverse movie format such as mpeg4,mpeg2, and mpeg1 using software codec.
  • Embedded MP3 player is provided, which maintains music list, album list, and user configuration list through ID3 tag
  • Synchronization technique between personal website or blog and IPAD media
  • Multiple languages are supported (our own embedded automata is applied)


Figure1: implemented the embedded batch image processing

Figure2: implemented the embedded flash player

Figure3: implemented the embedded movie player

Figure4: implemented the embedded social network manager

Figure5: implemented the media center and application

Design and UML

  • IPAD has its own DB engine which are communicates with web-server for personal website or blog. In our implementation, MySQL successfully incorporated into EZ-X5 embedded board.
  • We applied 6.4 inch color LCD to EZ-X5 embedded system
  • We design a special purpose socket, which are aware of both media data of IPAD and SQL schema of host and device-levels
  • GTK+ 2.0 and embedded linux, Imlib 1.9.15 were ported and optimized by us.

Figure6: DBEngine #1

Figure7: DBEngine #2

Figure8: Image Viewer & Editor