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DockerSSD (HPCA '24)

Containerized In-Storage Processing and Hardware Acceleration for Computational SSDs


CXL-based Large-scale Machine Learning System

TrainingCXL (IEEE Micro'23)

Failure Tolerant Training with Persistent Memory Disaggregation over CXL

DirectCXL (ATC'22)

Direct access, high-performance memory disaggregation

LightPC (ISCA'22)

HW & SW co-design for energy-efficient full system performance

CXL Solution

CXL 2.0 End-to-end system demonstration

HolisticGNN (FAST'22)

HW & SW co-programmable framework for computational SSDs

CXL (KAIST Tech Report'22)

CAMEL's Compute Express Link solution

Ohm-GPU (MICRO'21)

Optical network integration in GPU


HW-automated memory-over-storage solution

OpenExpress (ATC'20)

HW-automated open research framework for NVMe devices

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